Quiz Night

Create your own quiz and host it at a pub, club or over Zoom. Charge attendees a fee or ask for a donation in return for hosting the quiz. You could offer prizes for the winner as an extra incentive.

Garden Party

Enjoy the fresh air with friends and host your own garden party. You could sell drinks and snacks and ask guests for a donation in the form of an entry fee.

Host a Charity Raffle

Everyone loves taking part in a raffle and businesses are usually very accommodating in providing prizes for your cause!

Car Wash

Considered a chore by many, why not host your own charity car wash? Charge people a fee to make their cars sparkle and let them know what a good cause their donation is going to.


Keen cook or an avid baker? Host a cook-along for friends and family! Send them out a list of ingredients before the event and have a laugh as you all try and create the same thing!


Put your artistic streak to good use and have a crafternoon! Create your crafts and have a go at selling them, with proceeds going to SAUK.

Sell your Clutter

Most of us have a few things piled up in the wardrobe and thing forgotten in the back of cupboards. Try selling your unwanted things on eBay and Depop. One person’s trash is another’s treasure!

Fundraising in the Community

Schools Think cake sales, talent shows and non-uniform days! Speak to local schools to see if you can coordinate fundraising events with them. We can help supply you with leaflets on scoliosis so it’s educational too!


Ask your employer if they offer a payroll giving scheme. Some companies will donate the equivalent of your salary, or a percentage of it, to nominated causes! Donations are taken directly from salaries before tax and National Insurance are deducted, so it costs less to give more.

Local community

Getting involved with the local community is a great way to connect with other and also raise awareness of scoliosis. Consider asking local shops if they would display a collection tin, write to supermarkets to nominate us for local supermarket charity schemes or think about planning community fundraising events.