Find a Specialist

It is important that patients with scoliosis see a consultant who specialises in scoliosis and other spinal conditions rather than a general orthopaedic surgeon. To see a specialist on the NHS, UK-based patients should contact us to find their nearest specialist and take this information to their GP to ask for a referral.

We keep an up-to-date list of all the NHS and Private scoliosis specialists across the UK. Not all hospitals have scoliosis specialist centres. GPs are not always aware of which centres specialise in scoliosis. To avoid confusion, SAUK signposts people to their nearest specialist. We are in contact with the scoliosis specialists, who are all members of the British Scoliosis Society. The list is regularly updated to ensure the most accurate information is available to anyone who contacts us and that people with scoliosis are seen by a specialist consultant in the centre nearest to them.

To find out where your nearest scoliosis specialist centre is contact us on: 020 8964 5343 or e-mail:

Please note: The referral system is slightly different in Scotland; for more information, please see our Scottish patient information page.