Megan Halliday

10 years ago, I had life changing fusion surgery at age 13. An 8-hour long operation that was successful, however I had a severe allergic reaction to Morphine and Fentanyl which resulted in being put in intensive care on a ventilator for 2 days. I was then moved to the ward to recover; I was very sick while in hospital for the next 2 weeks and had a feeding tube as I was severely underweight. During my rehabilitation I relearned how to sit up in bed, sit at the edge of the bed, sit on a chair, stand up, walk the corridor, and walk up and down the stairs before I was discharged.

My operation has left me in chronic pain, where some days are worse than others and I find heat is the best medicine for me due to having PTSD. It’s left me with an eating disorder which I have struggled with for the last 10 years, I’ve been at CAMHS and tried different therapies to help but I still haven’t got this under control yet. Although I have been getting better with the help of my boyfriend Bobby, it’s left me with depression and anxiety.

I’m so thankful for the NHS, my surgeon and my family, my boyfriend Bobby who have all been so supportive. My mum kept a journal of each day I was in hospital and it’s so raw and emotional.

I wanted to get a piece of art done to celebrate 10 years since my operation to put up in my first flat. My spine before surgery to represent the trunk of the tree, then a bright blossomed tree to show how beautiful life is.

I was recommended by Art & Craft collective a local Edinburgh artist, Rona Innes who is interested in anatomy and natural history, she mostly paints wildlife and has spent a lot of time studying the skeletal and muscular structures of these creatures. Rona has done an amazing job I’m so happy and love the final piece.

Artist Ronna Innes


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